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A Combat Card Game

Jab, Cross, Hook is a blisteringly paced combat card game designed to recreate the chaos and excitement of combat sports.

7+ 2 10 mins
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Out-strike your opponent in a set number of fights to take home the victory and be crowned ‘The Champ’.


A red and a blue card are laid either side of the VS card.
Six cards laid out. From left to right: Jab Beats cross, Cross beats Hook, and Hook beats Jab.
The Counter Punch card sorrounded by grey cards floating through the air.
The TKO card sliding under the VS card.
Three black KO cards organised in a fan shape.
Both cards either side of the VS card are the same and greyed out.
The blue Jab card being drawn from the Blue deck
 Cards are flying through the air sorrounding a hug KO sign.


The Jab Cross Hook box

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